Telegram Bot

Telegram Bot

What can the bot do?

With the ChartsCheck Telegram bot you are able to receive price information and notifications. You can define notifications over the chart or over Telegram.

How to connect to the bot

To connect to ChartsCheck Telegram Bot, go to your Telegram APP, click the search icon, type "ChartsCheck" in the text box and click "Start" in the chat window. Now you will receive a welcome message from the ChartsCheck bot and you can start using it.

Bot commands

Description Abstract Example Variable
Add a new price alert {ASSET}{CURRENCY}{OPERATOR}{PRICE} ETHUSD PRICE<=1600.50 OPERATOR={>|<|>=|<=}, PRICE={1-5 chars}.{1-8 chars}
View current prices and all active notifications status status  
Delete notification del{ID} del42031 ID={1-9 chars}